Fri January 05, 2007

…and it’s a children’s song!

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Okay so I’m sitting here this morning listening to a children’s music CD with Colby while she dances to them. She loves dancing! There is a very funny song though that I thought I should share with you all. It made me laugh!!!! It goes, “Ruben Ruben I’ve been thinkin what a grand world this would be… if the boys were all transported far beyond the northern sea.” I thought it was just funny! Especially as a childrens song! Made me laugh! Sometimes I feel this way, but hhmmm… what are we teaching our children? Interesting!


Wed December 06, 2006

Just wanted to say a few…

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Yesterday I turned 28! It was very low key and I absolutely loved it. We kinda celebrated for two days because I was off. Monday I went to Pilates and then came home and made Chinese food and watched a movie with my family. Tuesday (my birthday) was also very laid back. A good friend of mine took me out for lunch and then later that evening I went to a really good Indian restaurant with my family and two of my closest friends (Lisa and Kirsten). This years birthday was very refreshing and I loved it! The last couple of years have been not so good for one reason or another. Last year for some reason I was really upset about turning 27. I think that a lot of it was that I just was not where I thought I would be by that age and it really upset me. This year, not much has changed except that I have an amazing job that I absolutely adore and love. I’m much much happier and content with my life! I have so much to be thankful for! God is GOOD!!!! Anyway, just thought I would share. Now I’m sick… and am off for another 2 days from work. Most people would be happy about this, but I’m very sad. I love my job and miss my kids. Soon I will be back with them so it’s alright. Well, just felt like saying a few words so there… I did. 🙂

Thu November 30, 2006

My Kiddo’s

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Thought I would put some pictures of the beautiful kids that I am now nannying for full time. They are great! Colby is the girl and she is turning two in 10 days and Gus is the boy and he is seven months. Colby is so cute… she has for some reason renamed herself Coco. She calls me Lulie. Gus is teething right now which is sad, but he is a very good baby. He smiles a lot and absolutely loves his big sister. They are really good with each other.


Colby, me, and Gus

Aren’t they adorable!!! I love them so much!

Sun November 26, 2006

So excited!!!!

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My life has been absolutely crazy lately and I haven’t had a chance to keep my blog updated. I have a new job! I was offered a full time position as a nanny for a wonderful family. They have two kids. A two year old little girl named Colby and a seven month old little boy named Gus. I love them so much and am really enjoying myself. I have pictures but haven’t had time to download them. I need to do that soon.

Then today I purchased a MacBook!!!! I have been wanting one for so long and just came to a place in my life that I felt like I could get one. I’m so excited!!! I’m on it right now. I love it so much!!!! Anyway, I just got a phone call from a guy “friend” of mine and so I guess I should listen to him. ARGH!!! So, I’ll right later.

Tue October 03, 2006

The cutest dog on earth!!!

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I love this dog!!! My parents have a half black lab, quarter pitbull, quarter golden retreiver and he is the classiest dog I’ve ever seen. He is only a little over 8 months old now, but the older he gets the more and more fun he gets. They brought him out on the boat with them this last weekend and took the most adorable picture ever.


I think he should be in a magazine or something.

Sun October 01, 2006

Love the baby’s!!!!!!!!!!

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My best friend had a baby this morning! I’m so excited for her. She had a baby boy, Emmett David. Very cool! I’m really really excited because I get to go and spend a week with her in a month and I will get a nice baby fix, and lots of good time with my friend and her hubby! Love them so much but they live in Southern Oregon so I really don’t see them all that often. Can’t believe that she’s a momma!!! Anyway, just thought I would share my excitement. Nothing real new to share though.

Thu September 28, 2006


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OK OK OK… I admit it!!! I ATE GLUTEN THE OTHER DAY, and I am now suffering because of it. Not to sure what I was thinking…no actually I know exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking “I’m hungry and this house I’m nannying for has nothing in it that I can actually eat!” ARGH!!!

Wed September 27, 2006

I love you, Sun. I love you, Moon.

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Okay so I read a children’s book yesterday and I can’t believe that someone can even have a copyright on something like this. It was called, “I love you, Sun. I love you, Moon.” The entire book was saying “I love you” to different things like wind, trees, birds, fish, water, rocks, etc. How can that even be published and considered a book? I could do that! Anyway, just thought I would share my feelings on this matter.

Mon September 25, 2006

The Importance of Being Ernest

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Have you ever wanted to marry someone by the name of Ernest? I have never really thought of it as being a name that is overly romantic, but the women in this play do. They both find out though that the men whom they are inlove with are really not named Ernest and when they find that they are not named Ernest are no longer interested. Though they do choose to forgive them as long as they change their names. Now I have sometimes wished that I either had a friend named Bunbury or a brother named Ernest to go and visit when wanting to get out of things that I don’t want to do. This would be a good thing especially since I do seem to have a hard time saying no to people. This does backfire from time to time as the this play clearly shows.

It is a quite nonsensical play but I have to say that this is my all time favorite play ever! When I was in high school my class read it and we laughed and laughed and I have read it many times after that and it gets funnier or funnier. Haven’t really thought about it lately but I am now at a home nannying and the girl is asleep and they have the movie “The Importance of Being Ernest” and so I am watching it. Anyway, this is a very stupid post but I felt that I wanted to share my excitement of being reminded of my favorite play ever in the world.

Thu September 21, 2006

What flavour crisps does James Bond eat?

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This question has NEVER crossed my mind, and I think about some pretty strange things. Remember I’m the one who had a dream about swimming with a talking whale. Need I say more. Well, I will do almost anything for yarn!:) So take a look at Pao’s blog please. Maybe we will soon know the answer to the question we never knew we wanted answered.

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